About LOZ and its BLOCKS


LOZ, a subsidiary of LOZGROUPCO(Germany).LIMITED, was founded in 1998.

With the typical German design, the main business of LOZ is focus on intelligence building block series, helping to develop players’ thinking, to expand their imagination and to unlock their creative abilities.  As a leader of the miniature building blocks, LOZ has been embraced by a large number of consumers. Besides, LOZ has built its own unique features and become an art of fingertips, leading the fashion trend of miniature building blocks.


LOZ building blocks are said to be the smallest building blocks in the world. These diamond bricks are micro-sized – the smallest piece being a mere 4mm x 4mm x 5mm. The small brick size enables you to build in great detail, and the building process is designed to be both educational and fun for kids and adults.

LOZ micro blocks are made of safe, non-toxic material. The blocks come in an array of bright colors, and every piece has rounded corners and a smooth surface. They lock together using a “tube” system that’s similar in effect to Lego bricks, meaning they are incredibly easy to work with. Highly detailed and realistic, finished models make cute display pieces! Build your own superhero team, surround yourself with stunning wildlife models, or create a cool street scene with instantly recognizable buildings – there’s something to appeal to all ages and abilities. To preserve and enhance your finished build, you can even buy display cases and LED light bases.

All boxes contain loose LOZ nano diamond blocks. Clear building instructions with images for each step are provided – the steps make it easy for kids aged 6+ to understand which pieces they need to use and where to put them. We carefully check every package to ensure it contains instructions, the correct colors, and the right amount of bricks. Please note LOZ Blocks are NOT suitable for children under 6 years old, as they could present a choking hazard.